District Leadership Team 2021-2022

Chair District Leadership Council
& District Governor 2021-2022

DG David “Coop” Cooper
– Rotary Club  of  Tucker County


(C) 304-642-2667


Immediate Past District Governor
District Membership Chair
2021-2022 Youth Peace in Action

PDG Sean Sawyer – Rotary Club of Fairmont

(C) 304-288-8862



District Governor-Elect
District Nominations

DGE J. Dan McCarthy – Rotary Club of Beckley

(C) 304-719-5206


District Governor Nominee

Paul Harris Society Coordinator
International Convention Promotions Chair

DGN Jordan Feathers – Rotary Club of Cheat Lake

(B) 304-319-2694


Assistant Governors
(See AG page.)

District Finance
District Treasurer
District Youth Services
Rotary Youth Exchange

PDG Dennis Shreve – Rotary Club of Harrison County


(C) 304-669-9666


District Rotary Foundation
Major Gifts Subcommittee
District Training/District Trainer
Counsel on Legislation

PDG Terry S. Mathias – Rotary Club of Charleston Vandalia


(C)  304-741-0045


District Grants Chair

Dr. Cynthia Kolsun – Rotary Club of Tucker County


(C) 304-553-1012


District Peace Fellowships

Julie Sawyer – Rotary Club of Kingwood


(C) 304-777-9595



District Secretary
District Newsletter

Donna Tennant – Rotary Club of Morgantown


(C) 304-376-5376



District Membership / Innovative Clubs

Rebecca Hunn – Rotary Club of Morgantown North


(H) 304-282-7955


District Membership / Rotaract

Rebecca Pack – Rotary Club of Huntington


(H) 304-638-7225



District Membership / Interact

Sam McDaniels – Rotary Club of Grafton


(C) 304-672-2464



District Public Image/Public Relations

Amanda Ream – Rotary Club of  South Charleston


(B) 304-744-0051


District Internet/Website Content

Bonnie Branciaroli – Rotary E-Club of  District 7545


(C) 304-614-3244


District Internet/Webmaster

Mark Branciaroli – Rotary E-Club of  District 7545


(C) 304-642-2351


District Communications

Deborah “Deb” Halsey-Hunter – Rotary Club of Princeton


(C) 304-920-2131


District Community Service

Jane Stout – Rotary Club of Princeton


(C) 804-356-5432



District Alumni

Richard Phalunas – Rotary E- Club of District 7545


(C) 304-685-6039


District Disaster Relief

Russell Koon – Rotary Club of Cheat Lake


(C) 304-685-2285


RLI District Coordinator

PDG Harry Faulk– Rotary Club of Barboursville


(C) 304-894-4838


District Conference Coordinators

Angie Shockley – Rotary Club of Tucker County


(C) 304-642-9070



Jessica Waldo – Rotary Club of  Tucker County


(C) 304-940-6556