District Membership Update

For those who were not able to attend the Membership Summit on Saturday, January 29, District Membership Chair, Sean J. Sawyer thought you may find some value in the collateral material and full-length recording of the Summit (link below).  It is hoped that there’s something that may be helpful to you in supporting your club’s membership growth efforts.

As a membership organization, our primary metric of success is membership growth. Declining membership is a metric of failure in a Rotary club.  To continue and expand our legacy of service in each of our communities, each club must consistently and moderately grow its membership.  The alternative is fewer hands and fewer dollars, leading to lower community service impact.

All Handout material, worksheets, templates, and slide sets plus a recording are available at:  tinyurl.com/7545Summit2022 Look for a Slide Sets folder containing all the on-screen material, including Sandy’s Discover Rotary PowerPoint and script.

Also look for the Recording folder, for a full-length recording of the Summit.  There’s a video “Table of Contents” at the front so you can tell where each segment starts and just drag the progress bar to that point on the timeline.  Best viewed from a downloaded copy.  When you have a file open, look for the Download link at the top to retrieve the original file.

If you need more information on how to create a culture of consistent, moderate membership growth in your club and to finish this year with more members than you had at the start and carry that momentum into next year.  Contact Sean at:   [email protected]



PDG Sean J. Sawyer

Message from our Membership Chair:

PDG Sean J. Sawyer
Fellow District 7545 Rotarians,

While our intent as Rotarians is “Doing Good in the World”, without MEMBERS, or even with FEWER MEMBERS, how can we expect to do that? Taken one step further, if we increase the number of our Club’s members, we increase the likelihood that we can increase our impact on our communities.

So, let’s be honest . . . no Club ever grew its membership by mistake, and the inevitable attrition without new members only leads to a smaller Club, not a bigger one. For those reasons alone, if we want our Clubs to survive the customary tests of time, we all need to constantly learn and share with each other HOW we can best go about attracting new members to our Clubs, and keeping them by delivering the value they seek and that we want Rotarians to experience and enjoy.

The ‘Road to Growth and Prosperity’ Membership Summit, scheduled for January 29 at Stonewall Resort in Roanoke, WV will provide all of us with the perfect opportunity to begin that journey, as well as further hone our new skills designed to produce stronger and healthier Clubs.


A workbook is available for download offering ideas, plans, details, reference materials and links to important Rotary resources. Club alternative membership plans can be found in Club Share – Membership.