Recreational Vehicle Fellowship of Rotarians

RV Adventures with Fellow Rotarians

by Bonnie Branciaroli
RVFRNA member • Mountain State Rotary E-Club

If you are planning retirement soon, or have purchased a Recreational Vehicle (RV) to use for family vacations, consider becoming a member of the Recreational Vehicle Fellowship of Rotarians, N.A. (RVFRNA).

Rotary Fellowships encompass groups of Rotarians, Rotarian spouses and Rotaractors who join together to share a common interest in worthwhile recreational activities and/or to further their vocational development through acquaintance with others of the same profession.

Fellowships are a great way to make new friends around the world; and to make lasting friendships outside of your own club, district or country. (Rotary fellowships must be international in nature with active members from at least three countries.)

June is Rotary Fellowship month, which goes hand-in-hand with the Rotary International Convention and its House of Friendship. (A major part of the convention that showcases international service projects and fellowship options.) There are isles of Rotary Fellowship booths in the House of Friendship – booths for golfing, flying, fishing, motorcycling, beer and whiskey connoisseurs… the list goes on and on.

Since my passion is international travel and camping, I gravitated to and became a member of the International Travel and Hospitality Fellowship (ITHF) and the Recreational Vehicle Fellowship of Rotarians, N.A. (RVFRNA) in 2017.

The RVFRNA was organized in 1974 and is one of the oldest fellowships. The International Fellowship includes North America, Canada, Europe and Australia, boasting a total membership of nearly 1,000. Quarterly rallies are organized by region, and the annual rally centers around the RI Convention when scheduled in North America, Canada or Australia.

I had the pleasure of hosting the Eastern Zone Fall Rally at our Pegasus Farm Campground in Elkins, WV the latter part of September and met fellow Rotarians from Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and one couple who RV full time, with their address being “on the road”!

Fellow Rotarians from five US states gather in Elkins.

Although the weather was cool and rainy, we nurtured our growing friendships during a nightly social hour with “heavy hors d’oeuvres” in the Hospitality Barn. Five days of attraction seeking, pumpkin carving, puzzle working and interesting conversations about life-long Rotarian works and service projects culminated in a Friday early evening online E-chat with several of our club members and members from the RVFRNA, many who had never participated in an E-club meeting.

Zoom test session.

E-Clubs are especially suited for Rotarians retiring to the RV lifestyle. When it’s difficult to make weekly meetings when traveling, online Rotarian membership can be much easier. Many RVFRNA members were impressed with the ease of online meetings through Zoom (the program our E-club uses).

For more information on RVFRNA.

For more information on Fellowships  and even more Fellowship information, or just Google Rotary Fellowships for various PDFs on the topic.


As a side note:

If you don’t find a Fellowship that suits your interests, you can start your own! Just email [email protected] with any questions you may have or check online.