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Service Project Reporting Change

Tuesday, September 26, 2023 By: Jane Blanton Stout
There is a new process of entering service projects online. Project data can now only be entered in Rotary Showcase, a tool that will become a hub for all things related to the service of Rotary.  Projects can no longer be entered in Rotary Club Central. Your club leadership has been informed of this. They have instructions on the new procedures and on how to move reported projects that had already been entered into Club Central.

Reporting Service projects online is important for a number of reasons. The first is that unless a project is reported, Rotary cannot include the results of your hard work in the annual report. If it does not get reported, it did not happen as far as Rotary is concerned. In addition, project stories are a source for features in Rotary International magazines and newsletters. Reporting is also important to document the achievement of goals that your club has set. 

Stories posted on Showcase can serve as an inspiration and a model for other Rotary and Rotaract clubs. Anyone can browse Rotary Showcase and read the project stories posted there. For members, you will find Rotary Showcase in My Rotary under the PARTICIPATE tab. You will see it under the PROJECTS heading. Perhaps this is where you will get the inspiration for your next project. 

(Hint: when browsing projects in Rotary Showase, uncheck the filter on the second page that says “Show projects with photos only.”

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Monday, September 25, 2023 By: Dan McCarthy
You’ve probably heard the name Walter Hughes and his leadership of a multi-year Rotary Clean Water and Sanitation effort to help the people of Ghana. Through Walter’s leadership, 2 or 3 water projects per year have been implemented in Ghana since 2006 and many Rotary Clubs and Districts have joined in this effort. Over the years, D7545 clubs have given $152,774 toward this effort and collectively, we are close to impacting 1 million lives

To learn more check out the 
great video of this work at:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTC_pBBnsfg .  
Walter has begun a new project GG 23-52766 in Ghana and your help is needed:

“We plan to drill 54 new wells, build 324 microflush toilets and give 244 micro-credit loans for wells and household toilets, farms, and small businesses to improve the economic strength of our communities.”  

All of Walter’s current projects are reaching their goals and he is currently looking for more Rotary partners to help continue this effort.  Fondation Coup de Coeur helps by providing matching funds.  

Any contribution would be extraordinarily helpful and highly appreciated.  For further information on how your club can support this effort, reach out to Walter at the below number.

Walter Hughes
WASH Project Manager
Rotary Club of Salem, Virginia
Past D7570 Grants Chair
White House Champion of Change
Cell:  +1 540-493-4715

Solar Lanterns to benefit 2444 children in Sierra Leone

Thursday, September 14, 2023 By: McCarthy, Justin D.
Remember last year’s D7545 Conference speaker Sarah Culberson? Sarah co-founded Sierra Leone Rising dedicated to helping children and families in Sierra Leone.

Earlier this year. our district 7545 Rotarians contributed $5,000 for solar lanterns and $8,000 for the establishment of digital classrooms in Sierra Leone.

The following is an update on the solar lanterns from Sierra Leone Rising co-founder Hindo Kposowa.

“Dear Team,

I cleared the 1,000 lanterns today from customs and DHL at the new Freetown International Airport. I have safely transported the lanterns to Freetown. The boat ride from Lungi to Freetown was scary. The boat engine went off twice, and all of us on the boat had to put on our life jackets. I will transport the lanterns from Freetown to Bumpe on Thursday. The distribution of the lanterns will start next week.

The 1,000 lanterns will benefit 2,444 schoolchildren (direct beneficiaries) and 3,597 adults (indirect beneficiaries). Thus, 6,041 people (schoolchildren and adults) will benefit from the lanterns in 1,000 households in 12 villages. Our volunteer team assessed 1,000 households in 12 villages. 

Thank you so much, team, for your tireless support to improve lives in Sierra Leone. The team on the ground and the children living in communities without electricity are grateful. You have put smiles on the faces of many children and brought hope into their lives.

Kind regards,

Learn more about Sierra Leone Rising at https://www.sierraleonerising.org/
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